The National Tax Museum of Korea

The National Tax Museum is an institution run by National Tax Service of Korea (“NTS”). As the only tax museum in Korea, it is designed to honor and preserve the history of the nation and share the importance of tax with its visitors.


The museum had displayed many exhibitions and educational programs since 2002 when it was originally built in the annex of Seoul NTS Office until the NTS moved to Sejong administrative city in 2015. Settling down in Sejong city opens better opportunity for the museum to receive more people to come and visit as the city locates in the middle of the country.


The museum’s four permanent galleries explore tax-related relics, past and present histories of tax and tax systems, and the development history of tax administration in Korea. Its special exhibition hall expands more tax themes more than one time every year. In the educational and orientation hall, the museum provides various levels of activities using game, cartoon, and video tools for the visitors. Furthermore, the museum also museum invites citizens for Children’s Day even, Film screening, and Lectures in different topics.

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