Animal Day at Lithuanian Customs Museum

 Just before Christmas the employees of the Lithuanian Customs Museum organized the Animal Day at the Customs, and invited animal lovers to come to the Museum with their pets.


An expert on the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) was invited to work at the Museum. She explained how the Customs authorities work to prevent smugglers of rare and protected species.


Visitors observed snakes in bottles, a stuffed lynx, leopard furskins, articles made of ivory, seized by the Lithuanian Customs officers, and had a possibility to touch and take a photograph of the head of a giant alligator, detained by the Customs officers last year. They were told why the transport of animals is strictly regulated by public authorities.


A lecture on dog training, dog types and behind the scenes of dog-trainers` work, delivered by the dog trainer of the Customs Training Centre, international category judge, member of the Lithuanian British Sheepdog Owners Club Artūras Zaleckas, awaited the visitors of the Museum. The said expert talked about

the best indoor dog breeds and dog breeds ideal for service. The Museum's guests saw how a perfectly trained dog should behave and how easily Customs four-footers detect hidden drugs.

There was also an opportunity to participate in a demonstration program, where a "drug smuggler" got in between staged "airline passengers", and a Customs dog found him according to smell.


Before and after the lecture, the visitors could get a free professional dog-trainer`s advice intended for anyone planning to buy a four-legged friend!


The Animal Day at the Customs was not only educational, but socially responsible as well. All day long, we were inviting at the Customs Museum to make donations to the homeless animal care organization.The visitors of the Museum brought to homeless animals food, cat litter, bowls, collars, beds,

cosmetics and other supplies.