National Customs Museum

In 1986, the foundation of the National museum of customs and excise was laid in the regional directorate Antwerp, at the time located in an office building near the Kattendijkdok (Antwerp). Since 1994, the organisation of the museum is realized by a non-profit association, while the General administration of customs and excise shows clear participation.


As museum of customs and excise, we wish to contribute to the internal and external communication of this administration. We do this by giving groups guided tours in our museum, among other things. For that reason, we also support other organisations and initiatives taken outside the museum, namely by lending out objects and archive material (temporarily) and by providing information.

Our mission is to start a vivid dialogue with colleagues and the broad public that is built on a scientific basis and that regards the place that the General administration of customs and excise is taking and the view on this administration, both now and in the past. By means of the museum and the documentation centre, our association wants to contribute to the building of a correct image of this administration and to emphasize its unique role in protecting society and safeguarding welfare.

In 2010, a new change took place. The customs and excise centre located at Kattendijkdok was closed and the permanent collection and the secretariat were moved to a brand-new location in the Finance centre "Noordster" located at Ellermanstraat in Antwerp.