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Queen Máxima of The Netherlands has officially opened the new exhibition “Crazy about money” on the 25th of June 2019. The queen is the honorary chairman of the platform “Mony Wise”. With this exhibition, the Dutch Customs and Tax Museum focuses on the theme of financial education and dealing with money.


This exhibition was created in collaboration with De Nederlandsche Bank and makes part of the unique National Numismatic Collection visible to the public again.


More information about the exhibition you can find here:

“…Uw vaderland nuttig zijn” (In the service of your country).

On 19 February 2019 the Belgian C&E Museum kicked off our new temporary exhibition “…Uw vaderland nuttig zijn” (In the service of your country).


The exhibition “can be visited until 28 June 2019, the 100th anniversary of the Versailles Peace Treaty. Read more about it here

This year the annual Conference of IACM will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania

On 19-21 September, a meeting and annual conference of the General Assembly of the International Association of Customs and Tax Museums will take place in Vilnius.


The members of the Association meet once a year in one country of the associated members to anticipate the most important activities of the museums of that year, to consider problems, discuss other issues relevant to museologists, and to share experiences.


This year, the members of the Association will discuss educational programs at the Customs Museums. The representatives of the Customs Museums of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, Finland and Lithuania will make presentations on this topic.


The Lithuanian Customs Museum joined the International Association of Customs Museums, currently uniting the Museums of the Customs and Tax administrations of 25 states, in 2012.


The purpose of this 26-year-old Association is to promote the international awareness of the activities and history of the Customs, Tax, Excise and Treasury services, to increase public knowledge of the rich and interesting heritage of the Customs, Excise, Tax and Treasury departments, to organize educational programs, joint exhibitions, publish publications, exchange exhibits and to cooperate otherwise.

In this exhibition you will see a broad variety of containers used for smuggling. There are stories about journeys on foot for a few pennies and about the millions made in organised crime. The illusionist Jochem Nooyen takes you to a magic place where you will see smuggled objects from past till present.

All objects were seized by the Dutch Customs Authority. A hollow bible for tobacco, a decorative wooden elephant with drugs in its behind, a package of 'cigarettes' with illegal money, shoes, musical instruments and much more, all with hidden spaces. Kids will love it!

From 12 until 16 February the Customs & Excise Museum in Antwerp opened its doors for families with children.


Several fun activities were especially created for Krokuskriebels. Children of all ages had a nice time today, and so did we!


For more pictures we invite you to check our website.

On Friday Januari 26, The tax & Customs Museum in Rotterdam wants to raise awareness for the Dutch customs officers who maintain the border security. A special guest will visit the museum, Mr. Leon Warnies.


For many years Mr. Warnies worked with tracking dogs at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. In a workshop this former Customs officer will explain working with sniffer dogs and tell about his experiences at Customs at Amsterdam's international airport. Visitors can hear and learn about the seizures of illegal goods.

Just before Christmas the employees of the Lithuanian Customs Museum organized the Animal Day at the Customs, and invited animal lovers to come to the Museum with their pets.


Click here to read the entire story and see a lot more lovely dog pictures.

Our Swiss colleagues have prepared a new website for the IACM conference 2017!
On you can find all the information you need about the IACM conference 2017, about Lugano and even make your registration online (deadline: 24th April 2017).

In 2015 our friends of the National U.S. Customs Museum Foundation have set up a new exhibition on U.S. Customs at the historical site of the New London Custom House in Connecticut.


Most of the display is on permanent exhibit. You can find all the pictures here.


This Customs Museum is located at 150 Bank St., New London, CT. - USA.

The 24th IACM Conference


From 20 until 22 September the annual IACM - Conference and general assembly was held in Vienna. Colleagues from 13 countries were present to share their experiences. More pictures and some of the presentations can be found here.

26th June is the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking and the theme of this year is “Listen First”. On the morning of 26th June, 2016, China Customs Museum held a special event for the youth and their families, which is a lively performance of Drug Dogs. More than 150 students and their parents attended the event. Read more about it here.

The traveling exhibition “Boter bij de vis” is the result of a cooperation between the Centre for Agricultural History (CAG), the Department Agriculture and Fishery of the Flemish Government, the  Catholic University of Louvain and 12 heritage partners, including the National Museum on Customs and Excise in Antwerp.


On 18 February the exhibition was officially opened by Kristian Vanderwaeren, Administrator-general of Customs and Excise and Robert Robbrecht, chairman of the museum association, with some 80 guests in attendance. Read more

IACM newsletter 2015

February 17 2016