The Azerbaijan Museum at the cross of cultural diversity of Eurasia

States that signed Convention on “International trade of scarce flora and fauna species” are working on protection of environment by taking vital and serious steps. This Convention that voluntarily joins states with different political standpoint, religious belief, and national relation in fact carries out very urgent mission. An ecological bounding involves countries to establish international cooperation.


In 1998, during the authority of a national leader, Haydar Aliyev Azerbaijan Republic was joined to the Convention on “International trade of scarce flora and fauna species”. Different agencies, organizations of the Republic in compliance with the requirements of this convention protect scarce flora and fauna species. Along with this, about 60 rare plant species are protected in Nabatat garden of National Academy of Science of Azerbaijan Republic. The researches relating flora and fauna are carried out as well as in “Nature history museum” named after Hasan bay Zardabi of Institute of Geology of National Academy of Science.


Furthermore, stuffed animals and animal skeletons are kept in museum consisting of departments of zoology, paleontology and geology. Customs bodies of our Republic carry out purposeful activities in this respect. Thus, the exhibits that belong to the 19th century made of rare trees, mother-pearl and animal bones are kept in Customs Historical Museum.


During 8 months of 2007-2010 about 168 kg caviar was kept by Customs bodies of Azerbaijan Republic. In 2007-2009 great amount of flora and fauna species that were tried to pass illegally through the borders of our Republic, as well as 1347 kg sturgeon, 47 kg of sturgeon product, 20 seal skins, seedlings of natural flower, and different exotic plant species were handed to proper customs structures holding as a breach of law.


Generally, Azerbaijan State Customs Committee in accordance with the requirements of Convention on “International trade of scarce flora and fauna species” carries out model activity relating protection of human legacy preventing illegal trade and transportation of flora and fauna species that are going to be depleted.